Coach on Call

One of our most popular services is the Coach on Call. It’s a subscription service of a given amount of hours in a time box that you can use for coaching sessions on whatever subject. The sessions can either be in person or by (video) call.

So maybe you have been a scrum master for some time now and you’re going through the motions of sprint planning, daily’s and retrospectives. But there are some things that are bothering you and you’re not really sure how to address or solve. Or maybe you just need a soundboard to double-check if you’re on the right track to help your team become high-performing. Or maybe you can use some guidance on stepping up to an organizational level and start making changes there. It would be nice to have an experienced Coach on Call to help you out in these situations. And that’s exactly what we are offering. A Coach on Call.

Or maybe you have a leadership position and you’re trying to find your new position in the company’s digital or agile transformation. You might want to learn about the do’s and don’ts in the new situation and step away from command and control towards giving intent.

Some other areas where a Coach on Call subscription can add value are for example:

  • Starting up a community of practice for scrum masters or product owners
  • Facilitating or supporting big room planning sessions
  • Second opinion on your roadmap to business agility
  • All kinds of agility assessments
  • Facilitation of design sprints

And of course we can discuss any challenge you experience to find the right format for supporting you.

The standard Coach on Call is 10 hrs of coaching in a time box of 3 months. We offer this service for EUR 1750,- excl. BTW. Of course we can create an offer to your specific needs.

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