At A-C-T we consider coaching as the best opportunity to learn. We believe it’s better than following a training because as a coachee you are in the driver seat of the learning process. The coach is only a facilitator for your own learning. That’s also why our coaching services are mostly one on one.

In some cases we can work with small groups of up to five people that work in the same context and share a common challenge. For example Scrum Masters of a company who have difficulties with facilitating engaging and effective retrospectives. Or have issues with the predictability of the team.

For the coach it’s not enough to understand the challenge of the coachee, it’s also important to know about the context of that challenge. In some cases it might be useful to visualize it by using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and use that model to simulate possible solutions.

In other cases the coachee might experience an internal conflict between his or her intelligences (the brain, heart and gut) and it’s important to bring alignment before he or she can move forward again.

Our most popular coaching services are Coach on Call, and The Scrum Master and Product Owner Coaching Tracks. A Coaching Track for Leadership is currently in development. Please let us know if you’re interested in that one and we will figure something out together.

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