fly4you SAFe simulation

Deciding to implement a scaling agile framework like SAFe is not something to do without a solid investigation about the framework and the advantages and disadvantages of that framework. The problem with this is that the investigation will almost always be about the framework itself or how it has been implemented elsewhere. There is no way to experience how it will work with your own people.

This is where the Fly4you business simulation comes in. In a one-day workshop we simulate the two most important elements of SAFe, the prioritisation of the program backlog and the PI planning.

A-C-T B.V. is proud to be a registered partner of GamingWorks, the creators of this business simulation and our experienced facilitators will not only run the simulation with you and your coworkers but we will also relate the experience with the current situation in your company.

Exactly this part will help in identifying the next steps in your road to business agility. Maybe SAFe looks like the right answer. Or maybe the simulation gives insights in systemic impediments that also can be removed in other ways.

Another application of this simulation is after the decision has been made to go for SAFe. Because you will need to train employees in this sometimes overwhelming framework. The Fly4you simulation is a great addition to the quite static standard courses from the inventors of SAFe, ScaledAgile.

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