Business Agility is the buzz-term these years. No organization can do without it if we have to believe all the coaches and consultants out there. But sometimes it feels like we are making things more complicated than necessary. What’s good for one organization doesn’t have to be good for another one.

And yet, many agilists implement frameworks like they are off-the-shelf, step-by-step manuals to reorganize complete enterprises. By doing so, Agility, or even worse, the framework, becomes the goal instead of a means to an end.

At A-C-T we take a different approach. We act on what is necessary to reach the organizational goals. We act on operational bottlenecks, on complexity that impediments flow and on delays. We act on leadership that is stuck in patterns, believes and taking control instead of giving it. 

We are A-C-T. Nice to meet you!

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