Based on 25 years of experience in giving training we believe the best training results can be achieved by holding on to these three pillars:

  1. Diverse and interactive content presentation is better than slideshows
  2. Practical training is better than just theoretical stuff
  3. Training in a group is better than individual training

Our home-brew courses all live up to these three pillars. 

The courses are an ideal mix of presentations, individual and group exercises, videos and self-study. Some things are easy to comprehend by reading, some subjects are best discussed or experienced by doing. We are proud to say we are able to implement this both for onsite and online courses by leveraging all the possibilities that online collaboration tools offer these days.

We also believe that knowing the rules of the game is not the same as being a good player. Rules can be studied but playing a good game needs practice and experience. So our courses are stuffed with exercises and our trainers share their own experiences to emphasize that no context is the same and there are no silver bullets.

This is also the base for the third pillar. No context or situation is the same and to be successful it’s eminent to understand this. We stimulate our trainees to share their context and experience to enhance the learning of the group (and the trainer). This is why all our courses have a minimum of eight participants.

Use the drop down menu to see all available courses. All can be done onsite, incompany or online. Please reach out for more information or to book your spot on the next run!

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